Academy  &   Fun Shows

Our lesson program enables us to offer our riders an
opportunity to show without the expense of owning
their own horse.  We attend several academy and
tournaments throughout the year.  Theses shows are
for riders wishing to compete on the introductory
level. Students compete with riders in their age
division.  Academy riders wear : Kentucky jods, boots,
vest with crisp long sleeve shirts, neckties, gloves and
helmets.  The hair should be  done neatly in either a
bun or a braid.  We will gladly assist you in getting the
appropriate attire.  Tournaments and “fun shows” have
a casual dress code.  These shows are held  on
Saturday.  But, the fun starts the  day before as
participants    help to get ready for the show by
washing horses and packing the  tack , etc.  Many take
an extra lesson to  better prepare them for the  
competition. Participants enjoy the camaraderie.

We also host several  “fun shows” at  The Lesson Barn.  
We offer  classes for all  ages and skill levels .
Participants as well as spectators have a great time!!!!